Wednesday, September 23, 2009

(RPG) Halloween Gaming!

Ah, October, one of the two months of the year where normal gaming plans change for a holiday! If you're not fighting Lobo with tac-nukes at Santa's Workshop in December, or fighting big bad horror uglies for Halloween, you just can't get in the spirit.

Since we're well ahead of the Wishing Well campaign games, Halloween is easy this year. Although our RPG of choice (or by default) has been Call of Cthulhu, I figured to change things up and instead of adding an installment to our Coal Country Cthulhu - Northeast Pennsylvania game, I would run *gasp* modern era. Not Delta Green, but it still has the potential to be awe -waitforit- some!

Worlds of Cthulhu Magazine #4 has a great adventure: Electric Hoe-Down of the Atomic Reptile Bikini Women... in 3-D!!! take Raising Arizona, throw in a D-level 60's monster film plot, and play Primus for theme music. It will be ridiculous!

It should be pretty quick, so we can whip out Zombies!!! and like we always do, block out the city so there's no place for the helipad

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