Sunday, November 8, 2009

Convention Crunch Time

Ah, the first weekend of November is complete. For most wargamers, that means they have survived another drived back from Gettysburg for Fall-In!, their vehichles swollen with lead-based swag from the dealers hall.

For me, it's the crunch week for Mepacon ( next weekend in Clarks Summit, PA. I'm running a full slate of Gnome Wars, so I'm desperately trying to finish the bare minimum for the game:
  1. Finish up the 3rd Swiss Engineers
  2. Base coats on both German units.
  3. Finish the 14th TC Bier Nurse and lone unpainted pickaxe
  4. Prime and paint the O-Scale barn I snagged up at Trains and Lanes a few weeks ago.

So far, the five miners that have been finished...

Along with the Plasticville O-Scale barn. O is the perfect scale for Gnome Wars buildings!

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