Sunday, June 20, 2010

Preview of Gnome Wars Releases for Historicon

Brigade Games has announced some of their Gnome Wars releases for Historicon this July:

Japanese Sushi Cannon

Highlander and Swiss gnomelings...

German gnomelings!
They also announced that the 2nd Edition of the Gnome Wars will be available sometime by mid-July, so there MIGHT be a chance of it being available for Historicon. for more details...

Monday, June 14, 2010

A meeting with Mr. Dalcin...

So, this past weekend I had the good fortune of meeting up with my buddy Mike (we tend to use his last name primarily, so henceforth he'll be Dalcin). I met Dalcin in the reserves, he was the horribly annoying high school junior with little respect for authority and no filter.

Our one connection? D&D. Despite an unhealthy love for Raistlin (sp?) from the Dragonlance novels, he was the catalyst for my second big D&D campaign, which I refer to nowadays as The Army game. This game developed the depth of subsequent campaigns: The Instability of the main village of Eding, Sargeant-of-Arms Torm Touchberry, Krull and Theron, and a mercenary company, and making non-descriptive gladiator combat such a big hit.

The game broke up when our unit was deactivated and we parted ways until Griffon Games was started up in Wind Gap. Dalcin lived between Bath and Wind Gap and was a constant customer. He was a consistent force within our Battletech, Necormunda, Mordheim, and RPGA games. Of course, it could be argued that his bounced check began the downward spiral of a store run on a tight margin, but I don't hold that against him.

When I started up my Hackmaster campaign, Mike was already on my short list of players. He ran numerous quirky characters that equally promoted role-playing and drove the other players of the Burning Trogs batshit crazy.

After Hackmaster, outside of Facebook, we fell out of touch. It was great to see him. His personality is much more subdued and he has decided to make some changes in his life, but it doesn't affect is drive to game. We discussed gaming and our apathy towards 4e, and followed that with a solid game of Gnome Wars. We finished the final scenario in the rulebook, Battle for St. Gothards Pass with his Germans getting into the Swiss village with heavy casualties. It was a grand time, and he's certainly invited to our summer games. At worst, I'll send Nichol's address to the unemployed Dalcin and see what exciting gaming starts... hehehehehehe

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Historicon Pre-reg Complete!

Despite HMGS changing my login (sounds bad, but it makes sense), my pre-reg is complete!
Twenty bucks for the weekend is a lot less painful than the membership + full weekend at the door from Cold Wars... never again.

After composing my "wishlist" of events, I was shocked when my #1 Friday and #1 Saturday choices were completely available.

I'm tickled pink that both games are part of the Duke Seifried's "Farewell Tour" I believe I've witnessed Duke's Friday "Khyber Pass" game multiple times since he was at Origins '96 in Philly. It's fine time I actually participated in it.

Saturday's "Zulu" game is simply draw-dropping. Isandlwana on one end, Roarke's Drift at the other. Hoardes of Zulus in the middle. Should be fun.