Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Crunch Time

I have a week and a half until my Gnome Wars game at Historicon, and the pressure has substanially built.

Despite some assurances of resources from Mr. Stanton, I have a boatload (or a troop transport) of materials to work on:

Two units of Swiss need to be finished, and another needs some significant maintenance. My 14th Training Company needs some significant tlc after Cold Wars and Longido Mountain.

The refinery needs to another heavy coat, some stenciling, and whatever details I feel like I have time for. Plus, I've finally gotten the labels off the small bottles that inspired me to design the scenarion to begin with.

The sacred shrine needs to be painted. I'm hoping the gift card for Home Depot that work bestowed upon me finally shows up today. The supplies for that are a bit more expensive than I had anticipated.

On a positive note, I printed out 90% of the troop orders, backgrounds, etc at work this week. Even though the game is only slated for six players, if my open invitation for Swiss units brings more players, I have orders for up to 15!

On another postive note, I finally found our camera, after a two week search. Right where I left it last, stuck between the couch cushions.

Now I'm just wondering if I tell the wife that I'm off Tuesday, or spend the whole morning painting and packing.

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