Tuesday, July 19, 2011

(Gnome Wars) The Michael Lung Gallery #1

Here is the first weekly installment of the pile of pictures I took in regard to the modelling, sculpting, and modification of his Gnome Wars collection. I'll post one picture a week, and try to cobble together some house rules, just in case you have the talent/insanity to take this on.

I present to you, for the first time, Swiss Bunny Cav!

Swiss Bunny Cav is rare indeed. Most Swiss are more akin to mining and cheesemaking than riding, plus the terrain of the region isn't condusive to developing experienced riders.

I'm still hammering out some of the rules clarifications for 2nd Edition, so these may need to be revised again.

Swiss Cavalry - Same points as German Cav. Same rules apply with the following exceptions. If the unit wishes to charge, the Swiss horn player in the unit must roll a d8.

  • 1 - Unit freezes. The unit may not move, or even adjust their formation. The gnomes or steeds turn yellow.

  • 2 - Unit runs. The unit rolls for charge as normal, but will turn and run in the opposite direction. They will engage in hand-to-hand with any enemy units they encounter (per standard charge rules). If even one figure reaches/exceeds the table edge, remove the entire unit from play during the medic phase of the turn.

  • 3+ Standard charge.

Any adjustments, recommendations, etc, are always appreciated in the Comments section!

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