Thursday, July 14, 2011

Historicon 2011 Part Four: Other Games

So, there were games at Historicon that weren't gnomes. One realization I made while wandering around the main hall is, "I've seen all this stuff before." I can only take so many pictures year after year of High Noon, Burnside's Bridge, or that Age of Sail game with the flags. Yes, some of those games have great variation from session to session, but if you want to see pics of them, look up my report from last year, or even Cold Wars for that matter.

Given that criteria, here's the games that made me go "ooh!" before the battery on the camera went kaput.

WW2 (?) in 54mm is always a treat.

The MBA board under "correct" circumstances

Gunning Down Zombies on the MBA Board

Car Wars? Look at the Size of Those Turning Keys!

ACW Naval with an Appropriately Muddy River

An Indiana Jones Game. Freakin' Sweet.

Endor Speeder Bike Racing

Pirates of the Cari-bear-en

A Lego French & Indian War Kids Game... Scalping Was Commencing

My intrigue with Colonial Africa did get my attention of the Herero War game being played. Using modified rules for The Sword and the Flame, it was a small, simple skirmish game using lichen and real branches as the most complicated terrain. I will need to check out again for updates. One day I can finally work on my 25mm German Colonials, one day!

Next up: Swag and some final notes.

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