Friday, July 8, 2011

Historicon is "almost" here!

While scores of gamers have already descended onto the Valley Forge Convention Center, flying WW2 fighters, re-fighting the English Civil War, and turning the bathrooms into a Superfund site, I have one more LOOOONG day to go before I can make the pilgrimage. Somehow, a miracle has happened here in northeast PA.

The car is packed and ready to go.

I just need to gas up on the way home tomorrow and pack a few rations to avoid the on site food prices, but I'm completely ready to go. With the exception of one oversized item, my entire "A Very Gnomish Civil War" game fits in one tote.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the "big announcement" that was on the down-low this past weekend.

"A Very Gnomish Civil War" will not be played at whatever table it's listed in the book. It will be played on one of Miniatures Building Authority's display tables. Many thanks to the man, the myth, the Gnome Guy, Jim Stanton for pulling some influence to get me a quality table, and maintain what little sanity I have left.

Only one problem though. My garden-gnome-inspired game will now take place in Fallujah. I have the MBA's Middle East table. Luckily I have pictures of last year's table and managed to tweak some of the unit objectives. This has allowed me to leisurely paint up the Swiss Rangers, put the kibosh on the Engineers (won't need them), and feel slightly guilty that my refinery is pretty juvenile. Thank God I only need them for one corner of the table.

It feels strange to be ready so soon. I'm used to the last day crazed activity to get a basic RPG ready. Here's hoping MBA is suitably impressed by my professionalism and I could be invited back to fill in empty timeslots with fun games and a nice promotion of their product.

Ahhh... sleep. I've missed you.

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