Saturday, July 2, 2011

(Poll) And the game I'm running for Christmas is...

Over a month ago, I posted a poll on this site, as well as my Facebook page, asking you, the fanatic gamer, just what should I run for the annual Christmas game. It's late, and I've worked my fingers to the bone painting tonight so I won't hunt down the original post.

My thanks to the thirty or so people who voted. It's not much of a suprise:

With almost half the total votes cast, A Simpson/Cthulhu Christmas using TOON will be my project, post-Historicon. The great news is the characters are essentially done, and I can rob from pop culture and tradition at will to make the plot for the two or three episodes. I was going to go with four episdoes, but my buddy "Mighty River" (aka Phil) wants to run a TOON Kwanzaa Spectacular as well. Should be good times.

Second place wasn't much of a surpise, as Star Wars: The Land of Misfit Droids II made the only strong competition to Simpsons/Cthulhu. This I will eventually run, but I will make I save it so I can run it later in the future as well. I lost all notes and characters for Misfit Droid I, so I guess I can just add to the premise and go from there.

Thanks again to all who participated. I'll have a new poll up just after Historicon!

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