Saturday, August 6, 2011

I'm still here...barely.

It's been a wee bit light on the blogging front recently. In reality, I should have a pile of stuff to report.

I should have the finalized Gnome Wars events for Fall-in!
I should have a review of Gnome Wars 2nd Edition posted.
I should have gushing man-love for Michael Lung, both in picture and in recent correspondence
I should have some gladiators based, if not painted
I should have a location for our game day (Gaming with the Viscount XI) on the 28th.
I should have some gnomes or mules done for said game day.

But I don't.

The girls decided to give Daddy the gift the keeps on torturing me, some sort of viral infection. I knew it was bad when the girls' pediatrician wrote out a script for me (I am a big baby when I'm sick, but I wasn't sick...yet). Between throat and ear infections, my wife taking on a second job for some spending money, and our two adopted kittens running rampant, I'd have trouble getting anything accomplished to begin with.

On top of that, Jim's on vacation, and I can't blame him forgetting to call cause he's on vacation. Of course, he called last night, and I was a doctor's signature away from life support on the bed. Next week, gnomies, next week, we'll have a pile of stuff to make you scratch your head and go, "Really? I waited for a week, and I got THIS?"

Three words: Playtesting Smurf Soccer

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