Tuesday, August 23, 2011

(Legions of Steel) A whole lotta trouble showed up in the mail

My impulse buy off of eBay last week arrived in the mail yesterday.

Legions of Steel Mk I Assault Fiend

A ridiculous buy-it-now price, only a buck for shipping, I couldn't resist it. Now if I can only find some commandos on the cheap...

When I did get that LOS boxed set this winter, I found the space marines passable, but I was intrigued by the Star Wars battle droids included in the box. Nightmares will be impossible to acquire without some competitive bidding and a little extra fundage. The battle droids are a bit more available, and with Mk I Assault Fiend now in my possession, I need to find a Jar-Jar Binks figure to get hit with a k-pulse grenade.

Ain't mixing games fun!

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