Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More Lessons of Maja

Yesterday I got a package in the mail. I won't go into details yet, but it was a very cool assortment of gladiators (Crusader USA and Steve Barber Models), as well as a unit of Sikh Gnomes.

As I was showing my 2-year old Maja a pack of the Crusader USA gladiators, she responded with glee, "Thank you, Daddy we go paint now," grabbed the blister pack and ran over to her chair at the dining room table... at nine o'clock at night.

She donned her painting smock and proceeded to the paint the equine gladiator's horses... bright yellow. Which leads us to:

Lesson of Maja #4: All Gladiator horses are bright yellow. Which follows to an old one I missed.
Lesson of Maja #5: All pack mules are purple.
Lesson of Maja #6: If you mix yellow and green paint you get... Cheese!

I might add, I have two horses with bright yellow base coats, but she did a great job getting all the nooks and crannies without gobbing it on. And except for a lone gnome who was destined to be tortured, she painted with just one color and didn't want to mix anything.

I may be able to retire from painting before she turns four.

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