Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lessons of Maja #7

Over the last two weeks, life has interfered with everything short of breathing, and I question the usefulness of that sometimes.

Over one evening, Maja and I did managed some painting. No, no more "cheese" colored horses, although I could have used them during the Tanga game, being two mules short of a proper game.

I did get some primer and paint on the LOS Mk I Assualt Fiend I snagged off of eBay. I forgot that I may have painted dozens of nightmares, but I only finished one Mk I. The detail is mind-numbing and the angles to get a brush in the hunched-over crevasses.

The whole point of this post is Maja. She grabbed the Assault Fiend off the table, looked at it, and asked, "Gnome, Daddy?" Not wanting to add assault fiend to her daycare vocabulary, I agreed. The conversation culminated into this:

Lesson of Maja #7 - Mk I Assault Fiends are "angry gnomes" who go "Rawwwwrrrr!" They use their big stick to poke other people in the eye, which is not nice.

Let's hope that's in the new rulebook on 11/11/11!

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