Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oh gaming, how I missed you!

In celebration of Labor Day, Sunday was our annual Day of Sloth picnic. It's basically a pot luck with us providing the burgers and dogs. Usually we have a number of little events to participate in: Horseshoes, Wiffleball Home Run Derby, and a well-attended Risus: IOU game.

This year had weather and real-life create many a conflict for the the normal invitees. By four o'clock, a sudden downpour and two minute power outage scared off most of the people. Of the gaming variety, only Nichols and Steve remained.

When Nichols and Brian showed up around the same time they were immediately engaged by my neighbor Kenny, who just wanted to know, "What the heck do you guys do?" He hung out with us drinking beer and watching us set up and play the first few turns.... of Tanga #4 (woo!)

Clean-up for the picinic and set-up for Gnome Wars Sunday night was easy. No one had used the tables outside, preferring to stay in a house with inadequate fans. The AAR is forthcoming, once I get the photos off the camera and onto a computer (all computers at home are in some state of kaput). Let's just say the gnome gods finally showed karma existed in the land of pointed hats, and a certain referee actually misjudged the conversion of the scenario.

I will say I spent most of the scenario adjudicating the campaign rules with a passed out two year old over my shoulder. The only thing more exhausting for the family than a birthday is a holiday picnic with wacky weather.

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