Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Gaming Master Plan for 2012

My wacky schedule has decreed the end of my gaming year, I've done a nice little recap of a rather bare year of gaming for me, so now it's time to figure just what I want to/can accomplish for 2012.

Gnome Wars: If I have named the blog in conjuction with the game, I guess I need to play some games. I have to mention that evil word again: Tanga. Unless the space miraculously appears at someone else's house, the summer will be a mad rush to play the battles in and around the city... in my garage. I have my game for Fall-in! and I'm 90% certain to run Chicka Zulu at Cold Wars. I'm one of the weenies not going to Fredericksburg for Historicon, but I'm pretty certain a few conversations at Cold Wars will net us a replacement GM to help Jim or run an alternate to the GW mega-games.

Call of Cthulhu: It's crunch time for the campaign. I need to stoke the interest in it so we can get a few sessions in this year and prepare for the fallout of 1925. I have at least five different scenarios to lay future plot scenes, get characters further into the perdicament, and generally just have fun in the Big Apple and Boston. I also have my sights on a campaign with the tenative nickname, Plausible Deniability. More on that in the weeks to come.

Fantasy: Is basically dead. It requires to much prep work and constant playing that I just don't have to the time to give. "Home" and "City-State of Kathad" games aren't even on the back burner nowadays. It is a bit depressing that the new Hackmaster 5e books are coming out and I have zero desire or need to pick them up, and there's a part of me that should crave them like a drug.

Gladiator Arena: I have the figs, I just don't know if I can get things ready for SATLOF. And it's mundane friendly!

Advanced Candyland: My daughter, Maja, is getting Candyland for Christmas and I will be working feverishly to teach her how to play the game and to integrate different figures and stories using the board. This will be an experimental gateway drug, slowly moving into a game based on Mouse Guard using lots of dollar store props.

Savage Gnomes: This is a project I just thought up in the last week: Using Gnome Wars figs in a role-playing setting. I've seen what good Savage Worlds has done to a variety of settings, so I might as well give it a go. Plus, it's an excuse to use more terrain in more games.

Risus: Always a stand-by game. Might even break out Geezer for it. Hopefully 2012's Day of Sloth is better attended that this years and we get a game off.

Legions of Steel: I will get a couple games in, even if I don't have all the figs. I still scour eBay looking for bargains.

I have to admit another "urge to purge", this time for financial reasons. I love All the King's Men, I love the 54mm AWI, but they are so low on my list of priorities, it's wiser to sell it off and use it towards bills or other *coughFallincough* ventures. I'll have the listing up here by the beginning of the week. I'll also post a pile of other stuff I'm getting rid of.

Besides some gnomes and MBA buildings, I don't see any major purchases in the future. I have a bunch of CoC books on my list but I just don't need any of them, and the gaming store I could venture to wouldn't stock them anyway. Okay, maybe the Mouseling tavern set by Reaper, but not much else.

Cons: Definitely Fall-in! and Cold Wars, no to Historicon, but we might throw something together for the summer. This time I'll announce something if it's a bit more concrete.

And, of course, I'll just keep blogging....

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