Friday, October 28, 2011

Off to Fall-in!

Well, not quite yet, but my riding mates to the first Fall-in! since 2001 are my wife and two young daughters, so I'm amazed I got time to clean out or pack the car.

Somehow I have only one project for Friday and that's finalizing the "random" event initiative chart. My event is historically based, and to cover 30-years of history in one scenario involved a little tweaking. It should go over well, as I will need someone to be in charge of the sheep.

Otherwise, the Missus has a shopping budget (and separate fundage), and I should be able to enjoy the meeting of the gnomish minds, a lot of train fun, and hanging out with my two-year old Maja, during the joust Saturday night.

And of course, I've purge the camera in anticipation of the craziness that Mike Lung is bringing. A full report with pictures is a given.

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