Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fall-in! 2011 Gnome #3 Games, Jousts, and Beer

I had prepped a whole spiel about the Gnomanity I witnessed at Fall-in! 2011, but amongst the craziness and a broken camera, I present a handful of shots.

One of the three Gnome Train games

Gnome? Meet Znombies. Znombies? Meet Cheese

A photo of Mike Lung's Znombies, Casualty Markers, and Swiss Cav.

Another Train game pic...

I also won't go into details about Gnomes After Dark, but I will go out on a limb to say that I need to get the first round for Jim and the Canadians at Cold Wars. Of the conversation that
I would feel comfortable discussing, it looks like Italian Gnomes in the foreseeable future, American support troops to flesh out North and South, and whatever you do, don't agree to a full physical right before a quadruple bypass.

We're hashing out the details for the Gnome game for Cold Wars. Let's just say, if Jim has his way, we'll all be doing renditions of "I'm on a Boat!"

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