Friday, November 11, 2011

Fall-in 2011 Swag and Union Cav!

So, I survived the Blizzard Weekend of Fall-in! and all I got was some lousy socks. Not quite true, especially since the only thing I asked my wife to pick up at the outlets were some goldtoe socks.

I now have 24 pairs sitting in my dresser. They are quite comfy, and were cheaper in bulk than regular generic department store socks.

What did I snag at the actual convention, you ask? 'Ere we go

From the flea market:
Rifts: Mindwerks
Rifts: Wormwood
Hero: Western Hero
They were 3 for a buck! If I knew anyone who wanted DC Heroes modules, I would have snagged them up too!

Grenadier Gnome Tank: It's only 10mm high (meant for 25), but I couldn't refuse for a buck.

In the Swag/Purchased/Swapped category:

Gnoman unit There are rumors of a massive Gnoman game at Fall-in! 2012. I'll keep you posted.
American (Union) Gnome Infantry unit
American (Union) Gnome Cavalry unit

Contemptable Little Armies: We're looking for a system to run "real" Tanga, and a $5 off promotion Brigade seemed a no-brainer. Still going through it, but I'll have a review up before Thanksgiving.

Mike Lung gave me a couple of creations, although he was under no obligation to do so. Now I have a baker's dozen of his Gingerbread Men, plus two Znombies, and his Gnome Znombie Hunter figure. Hopefully, Sherlock Gnomes is not too far off...

A couple of pics to appease the masses while I go through the rest... and try to fix my camera.

Germans from Derek the Canadian. The scheme makes me want a Flash Gordon gnome. Mike!!!!!!

American Gnomes (Northerner) a la Buffalo Soldier

American Cav ready for battle

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