Saturday, December 24, 2011

(12 Days) #11 Preparing for the Big Day

Okay party people, there's little time between work and my part in wishing everyone a God Jul tonight to get anymore than this to the gnomies faithful:

The Elves are busy assembling the last of the toys (or whacking a few defective xBox 360s)

The relatives are coming, bearing gifts no one wants. (Fruitcake, yum!)

Shoppers are snagging up last minutes deals

And the 1% cackles with Scrooge McDuck glee

Not supposed to be poetry, but enjoy!

all pictures are from gary2bot on the Gnome Wars Yahoo! group. No permission asked to take them, cause c'mon, it's Christmas. Plus they're awesome modifications that everyone knows I couldn't do on my best day. More pics of his and others can be found there!

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