Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Awkward Family Photo Board Game

Gaming was not part of the Christmas weekend, either in playing or in gifts. Sure, my little girl got her copy of Candyland, and we got back and forth on the board before the zillion other toys distracted her. It's okay. She's 2 1/2 and has asked to play it everyday since then.

Our friend Molly did get us a party game for Christmas, Awkward Family Photos The Boardgame. Apparently there's a website dedicated to these photos and this is there official board game. I won't even post the front of the box, cause the back is far more awesome:

Everybody Run! Granny's got a... Luger?

I admit, I only perused the contents of the box, but there are dozens of photos to use (the board is double sided with pics as well), twenty questions to pose to the players, such as "What happened just after this picture was taken," and the old standy, "Caption this picture." The geek high point for me is, yes the game comes with dice (a d20 for the questions). Prices range online from 19.99 all the way up to 38.99, but if you do have a group of mundanes, this looks like a fun party game.

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