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(Cold Wars) Cold Wars 2012 PEL is up - General

While I was doing the 12 Days of Blogging, the Cold Wars 2012 PEL was released. The listing looks a little sparse to the naked eye, but I anticipate many more games, as some GMs were blindsided the deadline.

Unlike last years' three HMGS cons, there were numerous events that caught my eye. Some are obscure, some are just written well, and some just sound fun! A couple games I'm including simply because I never mention them in the PEL review, yet I post pics of the game every chance I get.

I'll cover the "regular" games that garnered my attention, and in a following post, cover the gnome events that I know "everyone" is drooling over.

Schlegel's Ferry games run by the HAWKS.
The HAWKS have expanded their games this year to focus on holidays. Valentine Day mobsters, Columbus Day with Indians, Explorer's Day Sci-Fi, Halloween with Aliens. Always looks like a hoot.

F-131 - Wolverines! Fri. 10:00 AM, Rules: Force on Force
The Soviet Union has launched a surprise attack upon the United States, attempting to seize key transport locations to continue the offensive. One of these is the critical road hub of Calumet City.Only mixed formations of National Guard and civilian volunteers stand in the path of the onrushing Soviet juggernaut. You know the movie, play the game.
Gotta love a Red Dawn game! Let's hope the rules are adjusted for a "cinematic" approach to the civilian volunteers.

F-193 - The Siberian Rifles - Manchuria, 1905 15mm, Rules: Home Rules
In a rare turnabout of circumstances, elements of the 2nd and Guard divisions of the Japanese First Army (Koruki) are defending a pair of villages at either end of a vital rail bridge. Coordinated attacks by elements from the 4th Siberian Corps (Russian) have hit both sides of the river at the same time. Can the Japanese hold both ends?
A little Russo-Japanese action. Also Saturday at 9am

F-187 - Battle of Lake Erie -WWI version 1:2400, Rules: Fear God and Dreadnough
War has broken out between England and the US over impressment of American sailors and other maritime indignities.Eager to recover lost prestige and control of the Great Lakes, both sides have deployed naval forces to Lake Erie. It's a classic battle from the War of 1812 reset with more 'modern' warships courtesy of the Admiralty Trilogy.

1812 goodness with destroyers and battleships. Actually WWI fought on North America sounds fantastic!

F-223 The Battle of Peitsang
Fri. 3:00 PM, Colonial 28mm, Rules: Colonial Adventures
Chinese Imperial forces have joined the Boxers in an effort to remove foreign influence. The Chinese are blocking access to the Hiksu arsenal to the Western Powers. Russians, German, Italian,French, British, and Japanese forces are sent to capture the village Peitsang and any artillery pieces being used by the Chinese.

Some Boxer Rebellion love...

F-413 - How to build professionally made buildings
Fri. 7:00 PM, 4 hrs, 20 players

This is a 3 hour course on how to build a professional 15mm or 25mm building. Hands on step by step construction of a European Farm House. It's a lot of fun, and you will be astonished with your final result. If we have time we can even paint it. All materials willbe supplied by HMGS and the organizers of Cold Wars.
Even if you will never use a European farm house, this should be the first pick for more than 20 people, hands down.

F-262 - The Canadians Punch Through (DoubleBlind)
Fri. 7:00 PM,28mm, Rules: Battleground WW2
It is May 23 1944. The Second Canadian Infantry Brigade, supported by elements of the North Irish Horse, experience their worst and most costly day of the Italian Campaign as they launch their attack against the vaunted Hitler Line. Can they open a breachfor the 5th Canadian Armoured Div to exploit?Gamers under the age of 14 are welcome with an adult.

Four words stood out: Canadian, Irish, Double Blind. And yeah, some Nazis are floating around as well.

F-202 - Pig Wars – Saxon Raiders
Fri. 8:00 PM, Dark Ages 25mm, Rules: Modified Pig Wars
“Damned Saxons are at it again! How dare they think they can raid our village! We will show these impetuous farmers the true natureof a Dane!” The proud warrior thought as he donned his coat of mail. Can Utrik defend his village against the Saxons? Has an alliance been formed with the Franks, if so with whom? WillUtrik’s brother use this opportunity to claim his rightful place? Arethe Saxons in collusion with Elrick of the White Banner? Multiple plots abound in the morning mist of war.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Pig Wars, dating back to Cold Wars 2001. This might be my Friday night game, depending on what Jim, the Canadian, SONG (Society of Neffs Gamers) are doing.

S-369 - Assault in Helmand Province
Sat. 9:00 AM, Modern 28mm, Rules: Force on Force
The US surge forces are in place in Afghanistan. A recently arrived
US Marine Task Force in Helmand province launches an assault on
a Taliban stronghold. The Marine mission is to root out the Taliban
forces from the area.

I'm warming up to more recent conflicts, probably because they're becoming more recent and less current.

S-397 - French and Indian Picnic
Sat. 10:00 AM Age of Reason 20mm, Rules: Teddy Bear Picnic
The bears are at it again in the Ohio Valley. Who will hold the picnic grounds. Winner of last years best kids game. Kids Game

Much love to the teddy bears

S-318 - The Alamo March 6th,1836
Sat. 10:00 AM, 19th Century 54mm, Rules: Santa Anna Rules
Come defend the Alamo, with Crockett, Bowie, Travis and their
men, whose names aren't as well known, but whose deeds were
just as Heroic. Not recommended for kids.

I believe this is the 54mm Alamo I've normally posted pics to. There is an odd sense of irony that a game played with actual toy soliders is not recommended for kids.
S-192 - Goodbye to Guns or All's Quiet on the Ruritanian Front, 1918
Pulp 28mm, Rules: Astounding Tales/All God's Children Got Guns
Amidst the chaos of the Great War in the Balkans, a brash young American ambulance driver attempts to rescue his true love, a downed Ruritanian aviatrix. But standing in his way is not only the might of the Central Powers but also numerous rivals for this popular lady's affections. It's a love story -- with poison gas.

Pulpy Role-Playing goodness in the Balkans. This I'd like to see!
S-314 - The Cheese Convoy, 1645
Sat. 4:00 PM, Rules: Carnage and Glory Pike and Shot
King Charles has requested his governor of Bridgnorth supply his army in Worcester with ten tons of cheese. Sir Lewis Kirke dutifully obeys, and sets off with his smelly convoy. But the local Parliamentarians are also keen on cheese, and plan to intercept and capture the precious cargo. Based upon an actual historical event, set in Shropshire and Worcestershire 1645.

C'mon, it involves CHEESE!

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