Monday, December 5, 2011

(Cold Wars) The Second Samoan Civil War?

Here's the event I'll be running Saturday morning:

The Battle of Apaula Heights
During the Spanish-American War, the U.S.S. Charleston obtained the complete surrender of Guam with only a landing party and thirty minutes of negotiations. In this what-if scenario, the Charleston and the three troop transports it was escorting are rerouted to Samoa instead, to support the rebels in the Second Samoan Civil War and forcibly remove German and the BrItish interests there. 8 players (room for 10)

Okay, I admit that my love for the obscure is going overboard now. I mean, how many times has either Samoan Civil War been played at an HMGS con, much less anywhere else?

Truth be told, I had been planning on fighting the Capture of Guam (link) using the Germans as the colonial masters of the island. That would be a challenging game. Fifty-four Germans, four pieces of artillery vs three troop transports of Americans (Northerner) and the USS Charleston's guns for support. I still think the Germans have a chance, if they prepare correctly. However, I don't know if we'll have enough Americans to run the game. I can't imagine more than a unit of cav to be on the board.

The Samoan allows me more troop variation. Sorry, no Polynesian gnomes quite yet. The Samoans, both loyalist and rebel, will be proxied by Swiss, as they are the default gnome for any nationality. British Marines/Highlanders will be used in an alliance of survival with the Germans.

The best thing of all, since we are running three different boards at Cold Wars, I have three different scenarios runninng in my head. And they all can work with few issues.

This being said, I'm working on two different pages currently. There will be a Gazetteer of the Gnomish Americas, covering some fun optional units to use your American gnomes. Texas Rangers, the Desert Theocracy of Utah, and other options other than Union blue and rebel grey.

The second is a history and battles of the German-American War. The war's name is a misnomer. While Northerners will be fighting Germans on their colonies of Cuba, Port Wilhlem, they were trying to avoid a full-blown hot war with the South again. The entire Pacific campaign that schoolchildren only associate with Dewey and the Phillipines was an expansive seroius of amphibious assaults on German and British colonies involving the California Imperial Navy and the Royal Liholiho Marines from the Kingdom of Hawaii. This should be fun


  1. 'The war's name is a misnomer'...don't you mean mis-gnomer?

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