Friday, December 30, 2011

End of Year Ramblings

Just a few little ramblings to get them off of my mind, so it can focus on other things.

The majority of the blog writing is done at work. No, no, I'm not one of those guys who spends all day on his fantasy team, or hunting down eBay treasures. Work does restrict access at my desk PC, but if I'm willing to deal with the unwashed masses at a computer in the middle of the building, I can go to town. If I really have an idea that can't wait, or need to go over a Game Trade or con .pdf, I can always use gmail.

The whole reason I bring this up is last night the workstation I was at actually blocked my blog! The security system loves to block random things. is labelled "Games" but The Miniatures Page is good. is completely blocked but yog-sothoth is okay. I was disheartened that not only would I not be able to follow up my blog, but I wouldn't be able to read the blogs that I love. Those fears were partially allayed when I found a backdoor to allow me to post, but completely disappeared when I realized it was just that workstation.

I finally brought in the gnomes from the garage. The entire final quarter of the year has been too hectic, so all the figs are jammed into the boxes with no rhyme nor reason. Part of my quasi-New Years resolutions is to start painting again, so the finished figs will be touched up and I'll see what I can get done.

I also swung by Michael's this morning. The Christmas stuff is 50-70% off, so I picked up a bunch of present boxes that would be perfect for 28mm, and got them for mere pennies apiece. Their Victorian Christmas Village stuff was essentially gone, although if I wanted to give a bunch of ceramic nutcrackers a serious repaint, there were a pile of them there.

I may post some more before the end, but if I don't, I shall steal from other blogs...

If you enjoy the blog, please become a follower, before it becomes all the rage, and people begin to claim you jumped on the bandwagon.

To those who followed/suggested my 12 blogs of Christmas, thanks! I have two or three more I'm working on, although if someone could arrange a Car Wars day, that would be awesome.

Gnome Wars has a Facebook page! I set it up, and may one day add material to it.

And finally, my you, your family, your dice, and your Cthulhu plushies, have a very Happy New Year.

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