Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sir Michael Caine Kicks Ass in 28mm!

Okay, here's yet another post promoting some more Warlord love that I simply can not afford.

This time is the release of the Rorke's Drift Horns of the Buffalo Collector's Set.

Everything that was offered in the previous set, plus the Mealie Bag Redoubt, Kraal Wall, Water Closet, Cookhouse Ovens, and piles of other miscellany. All for only £275.00! Somebody find me a ski-mask and a British 7-11 to rob, please!

The real piece de resistance that made my jaw drop with a resounding "FUUUUUUUUH!" was the inclusion of the movie versions of the characters from classic 1964 film "Zulu."

Oh yeah, nothing like a little Michael Caine (literally!) kicking ass and taking names, not just at Rorke's Drift but showing up in any other Zulu War battle, or better yet, some Victorian Sci-Fi Game. Mars watch out!

Seriously, when can I just order these four?

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