Monday, December 12, 2011

The Twelve Days of Blogging... Coming Soon!

I've noticed on a few of the blogs I follow "The Twelve Days of Blogging" or "The Twenty Days of Blogging." Basically, an entire to consistently make blog entries into the holidays. While I don't care about the one blogger getting a dog, or the wife screaming about dishes piling up, it does ensure that something out of the ordinary gets posted.

So, I will succumb to peer pressure, and guarantee a 12 Days of Blogging, starting December 14th, and finishing on Christmas Day. No guarantee about the quality or type of blogs, and yes, I'm pretty certain 90% of my Christmas Day blog will be finished tonight and set to post on the 25th. I have two small kids and a horde of relatives showing up. I love my little gnomie fanatics that follow the blog, but a man still must be practical.

As always, suggestions for particular topics will be accepted, although it will take a major snowstorm or the wife and kids go on vacation without me before I finish episode #10 of my Call of Cthulhu game, "Suffer Little Children". Perhaps some Hackmaster/D&D stories from the past?


  1. Ok here's a suggestion. How about talking about your biggest failure running a game of all time. Give some info about the game, players involved, what happened and what you did to keep that from happening again. Sharing DM learing moments are basically gifts to gamers.

  2. One, I find it amusing that I can't post comments to my own blog from home, but my super-restrictive work computer says it's okay.
    Second, this one will be tough, since everyone knows how mother-freakin' perfect I am.
    Third, time to go through my disasterous games and figure out which ones I couldn't turn around.