Sunday, January 29, 2012

(eBay) My treasures have arrived.

I continued the tradition I started last year of going on eBay in January, buying stuff when funds are low. Last year, I was at the hospital every other night staying up with my little 3 week old daughter Amelia, as she was fighting RSV. As it began to clear, I would spend sometime on the computers in the lounge area. Ultimately, I arrived at eBay, and a nostalgia for Legions of Steel kicked in. A couple of Black Empire chariots and some random figs later, I could throw together a quick game of LOS upon command. Winning that game, well, that's another story.

This year, outside of a nasty stomach bug that the family's sharing, we're healthier and equally without extra. But I present to you my finds:
The LOS Tabletop Preview was the playtest version of Planetstorm, and to be honest, it played better than the actual rules that were presented in the more "professional" format. I'm anticipating one more snowstorm this winter and a nice comparison read between the two books on my to-do list for that day.

Up until I looked through this guys eBay listing, I had completely forgotten about Global's failed foray into historicals. I was disappointed to see how thin the book was, however, I almost needed a magnifying glass to read the tiny print they used! The system is based on LOS and the random scenario table, even more random secondary objectives, and decent campaign rules might force me to forgo some gnome love for some WW2 action. It'll take some time to determine what scale in figs and investment to do and try it out. Worst case, I believe Steve has enough A&A infantry that we can make some nice door-to-door fighting.

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