Friday, January 27, 2012

(Gnome Wars) Keptin Bilge Rat?

Lon (or one of his twisted minions) at Brigade Games is updating their website, so it's been a little wonky this afternoon, but this little gem appeared out of nowhere:

As if Captain Alvarado wasn't bad enough, now we have a Bilge Rat Captain? I'm seeing a bit more Muppet Treasure Island than I want to admit with this, but can't wait to see the a bag of them in the Gnome Wars bins at Cold Wars. $2.00


  1. The bilge rats have been around a while - I just totally screwed up not adding them to the site last June.

    As for the site being wonky - probably due to the sale email that was sent 1/27 in the morning. When we send the emails out it tends to bog down for a short while as everyone starts clicking to the site.

  2. I remember it was mentioned recently on the yahoo group, but it was a pleasant surpise.

    And I will never complain about a website for a family business not working perfectly. That's means you guys are updating the site, the server has decided to suck, or you guys just have that much traffic, and traffic=sales.