Saturday, January 7, 2012

(Gnome Wars) More American Gnomes in the queue!

Ah January, where holiday exhaustion meets the early doldrums of winter. The world is just blah, and if reading the other blogs i'm a fan of is any indication, i'm not the only one. My tank is empty, the next Game Trade is weeks away, TMP has had some interesting announcements, but nothing up my alley. Heck, I was almost tempted at work to tackle the last Call of Cthulhu session's write-up, and that should require a snowstorm with the wife and kids under heavy sedation...

Then, lo and behold, info and ideas come overnight:

From the Gnome Wars yahoo! group that Lon at Brigade runs:
The greens have arrived for the following GW figs
ACW artillery
North Artillery Crew
South Artillery Crew
North Doctor
North Nurse
South Doctor
South Nurse

This should fill out the American Gnomes nicely, and force my buddy Brian to finally pick up his Southerners. Can't wait for the actual pics. Lon said these figs should be ready by late January/early February, so there should be plenty for Cold Wars.

To keep on topic, the Americans have me pretty excited. I'm still working very slowly on an unofficial Gnome Gnazetter to cover the Americas, justify my California Imperial Guard, and expand on the idea of the German-American War, to correct the abscense of incompetent Spanish gnomes (The napping gnomes you see in people's yards? Siesta Gnomes. They're the only harmless ones.)

As the true believers know well, I still haven't finish our second big campaign, so visions of Rough Rider gnomes and ViscountEric purchasing vast quanities of little tiny ships to play out the essential naval portion of the campaign may never come to fruition. But hey, a man can dream.

More cool stuff to follow, one post at a time....


  1. The ACW Gnomes are very interesting. I can see this scenario using the ACW Gnomes in the West with 'The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly' and the 'Pot of Gold."

    Have to make a unit of Texas Lancers!

    I've decided that Michael Broadbent's Teddy Bears and myself with the future Gnomes will go to War! He doesn't like Gnomes so naturally one must do there best to side with the Gnomes.

    Is it just me or is it a one sided conversation in regards to discussion on Gnomes on the yahoo group? Who decides what is considered and released?

    Let me know if I'm out of order, but I thought the yahoo group was a forum of sorts to discuss Gnomes!

    Like to hear your thoughts Eric about the future ideas and suggestions.

    We are experiencing a heat wave in Canberra at the moment so I'm envious of your cooler weather which I do prefer.

    Anyway, always nice to read your blog on all things creative.

    Chin Chin,


  2. Helen,

    I do believe the new figure releases are 60% Lon, 35% the sculptor's motivation (whose name escapes me), and 5% Jim. At Fall-in I kept hearing distant rumblings of the Italians in the distant future, yet I've heard no calls for them, especially with the Gnomans just released.

    It's also the the company's Yahoo group, so I can understand Lon being a bit "protective." The one advantage of blogging is that I can bring up all the what-if? and customized figs like the gingerbread mean, zombies, and cannibals without any worry.

    My wish list is on the queue to be finished this week, especially if work slows down.

    And in our campaign, the Teddy Bears and Gnomes have an uneasy coexistance. The Zulubears are still harassing German and Bore forces, British bears were sent over to deal with the colonized natives in the new world, but the bears do make fiercely loyal Askaris for the Germans and Swiss forces colonizing Tanga.

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  4. Thanks Eric for your reply and heads-up in relation to the Yahoo group.

    Need your thoughts please on an idea I've to do with the Irish. Ned Kelly (I'm sure you have heard of him an outlaw had manufactured home-made armour)to be used as a Irish panzer or something like that. Typical Irish style in home-made ingenuity. What do you think? Rules etc. Need to approach Lon with the idea into possible miniature.

    I like your approach to the African campaign. Have you seen the Eureka Pygmies? Could be suitable too.

    Thanks Eric,