Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Update... with ViscountEric

On Saturday, Mrs ViscountEric had a fun day of shopping down in Philly with her friend, which translates to I've got kids. I shot out a quick email to friends, got one maybe, and said screw it, one way or another, we're playing with gnomes.

The kids are old enought to entertain themselves for short periods of time, so over the course of an hour, I could wrangle all of the terrain from the garage and set it up on the dining room table without any reportable casualties.

When my lone maybe formally called to bail, I again said screw it, the kids will chuck the dice. So they did.

I can formally announce that the final battle in the Longido Mountain portion of Tanga:1914 is complete. My eldest daughter Maja did an awesome job chucking dice, and Amelia, my youngest did a good job pointing from her high chair and telling Daddy which way to move figure, who to fire at, etc. We did so good, that we got everything cleaned up, a light dinner in their bellies, and a quick cat nap before Mommy got home with her treasures. A good day all around.

Other news/follow-ups of note:
*The AAR for Saturday's game will show up on Wednesday. I have an automatic post coming on Tuesday for my old Hackmaster campaign and I want Tanga up as the latest post for awhile. Pics are shot with a camera phone, but they do the trick.
*Still waiting on my ship and marines to paint for the Gnome Wars extravaganza at Cold Wars. Jim has great step by step instructions on his blog: . I need to make a quick run to Michael's for some paint. I had a cool alternate uniform for the British Marines, but I realized I would be painting them like formal Army officers. I'll send if I can blend the two uniforms together. Time is of the essence.
*I also have floor space ready for the con for Friday night. I'll play Saturday by ear.
* I will be attending Mepacon Spring 2012 this year. The con runs April20-22, and I'll be running a game Saturday afternoon, with my wife in attendance. It is indeed a strange world! Event description will be posted after the Tanga AAR is posted.

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