Monday, January 9, 2012

What'cha Reading? The Blogs I Follow

I was going to do a little recap of what I've been reading recently. The problem is, outside of a few of the same gamer books I always peruse, and a pledge to find the short amount of time needed to read a chapter a day of The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt's Darkest Journey , I'm primarily reading blogs. Of the twenty-five or so blogs that I'm following, these are the ones I'm actually reading on a consistent basis:

First the friend's blogs:
Adventurous Endeavors: My friend Phil stab at the blogosphere. Actual Play posts, tabletop and video game reviews, and general geekery (including Legos now!). No explanation as to why certain people call him Monongahela.

Where There had Been Darkness :Fellow Dreamscape Expatriate Josh Wanisko's blog on the writings of Roger Zelazny. Gamer moment of shame, I actually haven't read of of Zelazny's work, even with Josh's excellent reviews. I do enjoy his other posts, which include reviews of each episode of the Legion of Superheroes cartoon, general geekery, and the wacky adventures of his little girl Lily.

And the rest
Der Alte Fritz - Primarily does Seven Years War, which is not my cup of tea, but he has posted the exploits of he and his daughter's games using the Eureka teddy bears. Plus his work is fantastic.

Frozen Gamer AK - This dude came to my attention when he blogged about his pilgrimage from Alaska to Historicon this past summer. Again, he covers stuff that doesn't interest me too much (Flames of War), but he doesn't do the run of the mill stuff I've seen over and over again.

New Byzantium : What if Olde Byzantium had revolted against the Turks in the 18th Century, plus follow-ups developing New Byzantine armies for 1848 and 1920.

Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog: If all other blogs disappeared off the face of the Earth, I would mourn this one the most. The dude paints prodigious numbers of figs of all different genres armies, he plays a ton of different games, and he's gotten his wife and kids to occasionally game to make it a family activity. And he bikes in the middle of winter in Saskatoon. The dude is impressively crazy.

Savage Timmy's Playhouse - The above Tim's blog for Savage Saturday nights, where he plays Savage Worlds with his friends, as well as his kids. The last two "campaigns" were a gladiator campaign and a Dragonlance one. More miniature eye candy as well.


  1. No explaination why? Because that is classified information sir. Only a select few know (at this point its probably in the thousands...).

  2. Yeah baby! I've hit the big time now!