Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Last of the Mouse-hicans

As I've mentioned before, I'm slowly compiling an "unofficial" Gnome World Gazeteer. I'm starting the Gazeteer at 1870 and will try to compile the gnome equivilant of most wars between then and 1914.

There are a few wars that the Gnome Wars range doesn't fill in well: Afghanistan, Polynesia, Sudan. Eureka's Teddy Bears fill in nicely for American Colonials, Wild West, and even African Askaris, and I guess the Frog and Turtle line fill in nicely for more tropical cultures. However, one group had me puzzled:

Indians, as in Native Americans

There are so many Indian Wars, border skirmishes, and outright rebellions involving indians that something needs to fill the lack of gnome gnatives.

I present for your approval, Eureka's Mice Warriors line:

Truth be told, the hand to hand mice wield swords instead of hatchets, long spears instead of short, but the bowmen look nice, the mice shaman on the far right of the second picture is great, and they do have mice riding rats for cav. And for $2.25 a fig, they're a good deal for even a large unit.

And come to think of it, I might need to look into frogs and turles as Polynesians, particularly Hawaiians and Samoans.


  1. Hi Eric,

    I had fun painting the mice and rats for Eureka via Michael the designer.

    Stay tune later this year for more Teddy Bears that could look great in America.

    Play testing "Over by Tea-Time" Seven Years Picnic rules that is targeted for kids etc.



  2. Helen,

    As a father of two under three who wants his girls to play with toy soldiers as much as their mom wants them to be shopping buddies, anything kid-focused is appreciated.

    C'mon Teddy Bear Indians. C'mon Teddy Bear Indians. It's the obvious gap in the line, filling in a hole in both the Seven years Picnic and Wild West.

  3. Eric, Whatever is released is a win win for the kids and grown-ups who enjoy gaming with Teddy Bears.

    My focus to the end of days is for our future generation of gamers that naturally start with kids who are usually sons and daughters of gamers.

    I'd like to see some expansion to the "Seven Year's Picnic", Rorke's Picnic, Pirates etc whether I fund this or not is immaterial. Gnomes Wars is an extension of the genre that can be gamed together or separate. For the former, I've a number of ideas that perhaps I could share. Let me know if you are interested.

    Based on sales from Eureka Miniatures here in Australia the majority of Teddy bear sales are in the USA. I suspect this is due to the larger population and taking into account the depth of gaming in the states.



  4. I have 5 units of Eureka Frogs (including a Cav unit), so I can see doing a Polliwognesia Campaign with the Swiss and Germans trying to control so many islands in an archipelago. Hmm...


  5. Brian,
    That's the spirit!
    We are having some very special "unofficial" surprises for Cold Wars in that vein. Just got some pics today. Once we have confirmation that the casting's complete, I'll post some teasers.