Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Orcsports is alive and well...

My abstinence from Facebook games has going pretty well. Outside of a few hand of Poker, and a firm handling of a few complaints from those who relied on my online generosity towards their fantasy world, I've been clean.

Then, I got a blast from the past:

I belive the last time I fooled around with Orc Sports, Myspace was just becoming popular, so it's been around a long time in the digital age.

Orc Sports is Fantasy Football meet Blood Bowl. Orc only leagues are formed, players drafted in an auction format, equiped, and the computer generates matches every few days. Between games, there is healing, extra training, and even looting for more funds and equipment. Outside of a dated platform, it's everything I'm looking for to waste 15-30 minutes per day, rather than an hour for Zombie Lane, 20 minutes just to let Cityville load, and hours of balloon throwing fun on yoville!

Viscount Eric's Legion IV is not doing great this season, but they are holding their own against superiorly constructed teams in the league.

*correction: My entire offensive side of my 1st line litterally got slaughtered in the last game, and my top two defensemen are exhausted. Time to promote a couple of guys for a week, and call up some punching bags, I mean low-level guys to fill in for them.

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