Friday, February 3, 2012

PDF Sci-Fi Tiles? Oh, joy!

TMP has been quietly recently, with two exceptions. First off, The Miniature Building Authority is having a warehouse clearance sale. ttp:// I'm hoping the either the tax return comes quick, or the sale continues on through Cold Wars.

Today, Wargames Vault announced the release of PWORK pdf Sci-fi Tiles.

Now yes, they are pdfs, so one must print them out, cut them out and glue them to some cardboard, but seriously, have you seen the prices people charge for old LoS tiles? $6.58 a "pack" for unlimited tiles that only require some work is a steal. I am disappointed that all the tiles shown are "double" hallways, more akin to the opening scene of Star Wars than the hallways of a Machine complex. There are plenty of reasons to fight in a space station, however. is blocked at work, so I'll need to peruse this when I get home to see what other items are there.

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