Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Worldwide Jihad Against Fedex Has Been Cancelled... and other notes

First off, the FedEx matter with my friend Mike has been resolved. The sculpts were delivered a few blocks up the road and that person was nice enough to drive them to the caster's house. Please, no violence against FedEx employees on the part of Gaming with the Gnomies. Apparently, one of the drivers is already suffering from a traumatic brain injury.

Secondly, with my current camera on the fritz, I got two promises of photographic equipment for Cold Wars. With Mike's "Super-secret project #2" back on schedule. I'd love to have a special photoshoot of the finished product on the blog in the wee hours of Saturday morning. I'll be drinking heavily at the time, so the pics might be nice, but the words will be completely incomprehensible.

In other words, a regular blog post.

Third, tonight, per special request of my daughter Maja, we're breaking out "The Mouse Book" (Mouse Guard), as well as all of the mouseling/mice warrior figures we can find. Don't know what we're doing, but since her "David the Gnome" ongoing bedtime story has involved Bad Guys, the Land of Oz, and cupcake eating Martian Babies who live on the moon, I can't wait to see what gem she produces.

And finally, with the tax return to be submitted tonight, I need to plan by Cold Wars shopping list. A lot of those "If Money Were No Object" items from my monthly Apathy of New Releases posts need to be considered for purchase, like the Warlord US Army MPs on Motorcycle. If somebody's going to stock them, they better be in the Cold Wars dealer room.

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