Wednesday, March 14, 2012

(Cold Wars) The Spoils of Cold Wars

First off, I not only got a free t-shirt for GMing from HMGS, plus the complimentary mini the first quadrillion attendees got, but Jim brought down official embroidered "GNOME WARS" polo shirts. Now we look professional.

  • Miniatures Building Authority (MBA) Customs House: The first one had a cracked roof, the second a chip, but a little paint will make that look like a real tile roof. It has already been commandeered by my daughter Maja as her third "doll house." Frankly, I don't blame her.MBA Small Middle-Eastern Buildings (x2) Perfect out-buildings for the Tanga games

  • MBA Wishing Well- Any gnome game needs one.

  • Warlord 25mmUS MP on Harley Davidson (x2) I'll see how I like these before I go further into the range.

  • Brigade: Gnome Wars the American Doctors/Medics (including the "princess gnome", Union Artillery Crew, Sikh Bugler.

  • Brigade: Contemptable Little Armies Army Book: Africa and the Middle East

  • ATKM: A River set and a painted plastic bridge.

  • Zap-a-Gap (2 oz should last me awhile)

I forgot in my hurries to snag up paint, dice, and inquire about 1/1200 or 1/2400 scale ships. I also didn't see the Zulu Wars shirt Belle and Blade normally display, so I didn't snag a replacement to mine, which is almost ten years old! I also didn't spend too much time at the Eureka booth. Nothing I really wanted was on display and the guys were chatting away during a rather large order. No worries, they shall be ordered online soon enough!

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  1. Nice catch of miniatures and buildings.

    Any chance of a photo of the Sikh bugler please.