Saturday, April 7, 2012

Long term convention planning

Those with delicate ears, please cover them for awhile...

After nine days of battling constant waves/strains of the stomach bug, I've decided that children are an absolute bear to raise.  I would sell them on the spot, if I didn't love them so much.

Okay, the fairer gamers can return. It wasn't as bad as originally planned.

My disease-wracked body took a moment of glee to discover people who pre-registered for my Gnome Wars game at Mepacon in two weeks.  Always makes the trip worthwhile when there are actual people who want to play!  That did get me thinking about the HMGS cons and their upcoming themes.

Jim's Gnome-stavaganzas that we know and love?  Some of the events in the past have easily fit into the convention theme (Tanga, Pirates), but many times it's based on available resources and what does Jim feel like playing/lugging down from Connecticut.

I greatly enjoyed gearing my game at Fall-in! towards to the con theme of the US Cavalry.  It just happened to coincide with the release of the American gnomes from Brigade, but it also allowed me to do some research and put together something as unique as the Battle of Yellowstone.

Looking into the future of HMGS cons, there aren't that many opportunities to take advantage of the themes as I'd like:

  • Historicon '12: Colonial Warfare: Imperialism and Gunboat Diplomacy  1837-1937.  Of course, the one theme that I would want to show up as a admission-paying player is the one that moves to Virginia, and I'm one of the wienies not willing to travel.
  • Fall-in! '12:  The Wars of 1812.  A little early  for gnomes  Perhaps if Canadians make an appearance we can have some border-raid fun?
  • Cold Wars '13:  Women Warriors:  3000  years of women in combat.  Excuse me?  Now the more I think about it, the more options open up.   However, we again have no viable gnome option.  Oh well, we have a cruise a month before that, I'm sure I can whip something up!
  • Historicon '13:  The Scots at War.  Now we're talking!  Still not a viable option if we're still talking Virginia, but it's a theme Gnome Wars can handily do.  Heck, half the games turn into Scot-love fests!
  • Fall in '13 is listed  yet, but
  • Cold Wars '14:  Forgotten History:  Not so famous battles and conflicts.  It's like they made an announcement,"This year's theme is ViscountEric!"  With Gnomes this is easy, and I could easily duplicate my Battle of Yellowstone and Battle for Apaula Heights games.  However, I will now make an official pledge
I, ViscountEric, hereby pledge to run a historically accurate Second Samoan Civil War game at Cold Wars 2014, using actual historical miniatures as closely authentic as I can find.
 I'll cover the figure options in another blog post.  Knowing my luck, it'll be just in time for child #3 to come along.  We have timing with kids almost as great as our timing with plagues during holidays.

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  1. I for one will be going to (and running Gnomes at):

    Spring Fever 2012, April 20th, Raleigh, NC
    HCon 2012 in July (Wings of Gnome Wars in 1:48 scale!!!!)
    Southern Front 2012,in early Oct, Raleigh, NC

    Won't be going to Fall In (Free the Fall!!!) - too far away and too close to the Holidays for me

    Won't know about Cold Wars 2013 until late Dec/early Jan. With luck we can plot stuff for then - Poliwaganisian Wars with my Eureka fighting frogs?