Saturday, June 9, 2012

Iron Brigade Gnomes Released by Brigade Games!

Again, this real life stuff is getting in the way of the important stuff, like announcing Brigade Games new releases!  I apologize for being behind on the times.  I also apologize for the picture quality.

With this wave, we're looking at the Iron Brigade, the badass special unit a large Union/Northern American Gnome army can field:

Lon also released two special characters, the completely insane Two Shot Hodson and Southerner Brennan Stuart on a Shetland Pony.   This is the first release of a "named" character since the Pirates, and gives me hope of an "Eric the Plaid" figure to lead the imaginary Nordic/Viking army.

All Iron Brigade figs are $4.00, as well as Two Shot.   Brennan Stuart, being cav, is $8.50.

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