Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Brigade Steampunk Releases for Historicon

Oh, it's almost Christmas time for wargamers.  That's right, Historicon is scant days away and the vendors are just starting to tease their new wares.  Since I'm not going this year I will try to keep abreast of things, and catch up on some models by Mike Lung while everyone else is chucking dice.

Brigade Games has a new line of Victorian Sci-Fi minis available.  So new, in fact, that Lon has yet to name them!

 British Empire Troopers with Breathing Apparatus (5)  $16.50

There is also a character pack with more of a steampunk vibe to them.  $24.00 for the 5 figs 
 I have pouches and goggles!
 Angry Scotsman + Mechanical Claw = Awesome!
 Sgt Pepper with a Ray Gun?
 Size Doesn't Matter, Unless it's the Scope We're Talking About
When the Butterfly King Captures Our Heroes, He Will Be Our Only Hope.

There is a separate officer for the British Troopers that  is available for $4.50, as well.

www.brigadegames.com for more info.

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