Sunday, July 22, 2012

(Historicon) Saturday Night's Alright For Fightingp

Mike Lung also sent me pics from the Saturday night game. Again, sent without comment, so I'l add my own.

This session was also played on the MBA Demo board, however the castle end was given to the kids and the adults seem to slug it out in the village, for a change.
Sikhs are good for one thing: Fodder

A Highlander volley line I never want to see again.

The Germans and Orangemen are not calling 911 to report a suspicious fire.

Jim "The Gnome Guy" Stanton pulling cards for initiative. The object to the left is the webcam for the broadcasts. Very entertaining.

Sikh Lancers, the famed 'Cincinnati Bengals"

The full scale of the MBA board

A weary Jim Stanton, probably because he couldn't push GMing duties onto me this year.Ah, there's always Fall-in!

The Irish Advance (or retreat, they both look so similar)

The MBA tables are so convenient, I can't imagine not taking advantage of their availability.  That being said,  I'm ready to put together slightly crazier events for Fall-in, and see if anyone else is interested in my side project, The Second Samoan Civil War sans gnomes, in 28mm for Cold Wars 2014.

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