Sunday, July 15, 2012

New African Bush Wars from Eureka

It was to be a pretty lousy morning. I'm playing the DD for a van full of ladies who were too cheap to pay for a bus ticket to a wine festival in New York State. I am SO taking advantage of this scenario to get a few game days in.

Anyway, what should come and brighten my day better than military grade earplugs? Eureka's Historicon releases for their African Bush Wars!

I'm very keen on the 1970's Portuguese, which have been out for a little while. I feel they could represent a number of swarms individuals up to the modern day.

The Rhodesian Greys Scouts just tickle the right spots if my wargaming heart. I do not claim to be an expert in anything, but I had no idea these things existed in real life. Whether its Africa or a post-apoc world, I don't want to see these guys coming down on me unless I have LOTS of ammo. for more info.

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