Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mordheim's Warhounds Reborn

I've been perusing Center Stage Miniatures since I found out about their Demons & Devils Kickstarter (ps, they already hit their first stretch goal.  It might not end up as big as Reapers, but it's worth a look.)  A lot of classic poses inspired by AD&D art (love the peryton).  They also are the exclusive distributor of Secret Skeleton Miniatures, a small company out of Kansas that has nine figures to its name.

While the figures look good as well, the warhound stood out the most.

It brought back flashbacks of Mordheim, and watching the Griffon Games campaign go to the dogs.  War Hounds were an easy go to for most players.  Sure, they would never advance or use missile weapons, and they were useless against some of the magical/chaos forces, but in a game where speed and melee were king, the dogs were worth every penny.

Sure, it's missing more spikes than a high school punk rocker wannabe, but that looks like an animal that would thrive in a Warpstone covered city.

$4.75 each

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