Monday, September 17, 2012

Type III Kickstarter

There's dozens of game/miniature projects on Kickstarter, so why did Center Stage's catch my eye?

Well, if wasn't the minis.  I have plenty of demon/devil-like minis that I never use, even if they have that traditional gaming look:

It's not the sexy succubus at the $3500 stretch goal.  That was old a decade ago with Reaper.

And it's not the reasonable pledge point ($75) for the stretch goals to turn it into a bargain.  Again, no need to more demons/devils, even if we're talking about old school pit fiends.

The great thing about their fundraising is that a tiny $5 pledge nets product.  Not just any product, but two of their Advanced Fantasy Miniatures, sculpted by Julie Guthrie.

Oh  yeah,  you saw that right.  Center Stage has acquired some of the old Grenadier classics and these will be the first eight released  Two figs for five bucks (shipping included) is a bargain, plus, if  you want another two?  Just add another $5 to the pledge.

The other thing that tickles my fancy is that the stretch goals will make the classic demons out of the old DMG.  Not just Pit Fiends, Lemures, and Manes, but the favorite head scratcher of DMs back in the day, TYPE I-VI Demons!  I swear that these were made by someone years ago, but these will probably be far better.

Check out Center Stage Kickstarter for more info and Center Stage Minis for the company.

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