Sunday, October 14, 2012

Let's Get Moving...

It's been a crazy week in real life. Work is ramping up, the kids are amped up, and my wedding anniversary is today.

I have a bunch of new posts, but I would like my "RIP Nick" post no longer on the front of my blog. His memorial service was Friday and sounds like it was well attended.

Of course, I remembered the funeral home was the same one that had the memorial service for Jack Mischko. Jack was larger than life (literally, he made me look like a petite flower.). He was part if the Torg/Clay-o-Rama/Men in Black group at cons. He had a voice of God and loved nothing more than laughing. His size made his passing not a complete shock, but it still saddened the entire Lehigh Valley gaming community.

I hate burying friends more than my own family.

Coming Up: A gaming store review from out of the blue!

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