Monday, October 1, 2012

Losing the last shred of the Keeper's sanity

We did have our Call of Cthulhu game on Saturday. It evolved into an 8+ hour affair, complete with half-naked women, car doors to the head, government conspiracies, gypsy curses, calls to the loony bin for investigators... by their fellow investigators, long hidden secrets, horrifying magical abilities, a good dose of gore, and the prerequisite gun play with people a SAN point or two away from breaking.   The "good guys" saved the day, but they were still compiling at what cost as they returned to their homes.

A full write up of session #14 is forthcoming, although I need to write up #13 first.  Despite some losses, the core group gained four new converts who could combat the darkness hiding in the shadows of Manhattan.  I've also successfully made temporary "outs" for Balls' and Steve's characters, as players, one is an expecting father, and the other has a little newborn.

It was also the first time that "Dr Bob" has played in one of my games.  He has a dominant force, a good foil to Nate and Steve, I only had a few minor gaffes during the game, and an apparent act of GM fiat which will make much more sense when the game report is done.  Bob was already speaking of the next session, which means I need to start reading up on the four options.


  1. I had fun. I was tired when it was all over but good times had by all!

  2. I don't remember any of the drive home, but I'm happy we got the whole shebang done, without cutting corners.

    Good news, while taking the dog for a walk, I figured out four scenarios to get through 1924. Investigations, mysteries, passports, and... more mud.

    Oh yeah, I like eggs.