Sunday, November 18, 2012

Judges Guild Holiday Sale

There's not much that's caught my eye this month, and with the considerable amount of Mr Mom duty I've pulled this month, if if doesn't involve crayon on the walls, I'm not paying much attention. This, however, warmed the chilled cockles of my heart and looks worthwhile.

Judges Guild (yes THOSE guys) have announced a sale on their PDFs through , some of them under $3.00!

Now, I've owned, but never played a large quantity of their stuff. Both their D&D and their Traveller stuff was chock full of useful information. I still have at least one old mod that is saved for the day I hit the lottery and can reunite the Burning Trogs and complete their unfinished business.

The sale runs until the New Year (if we get that far, mwahahahaMayanshahaha).

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