Friday, November 23, 2012

Small Business Saturday.. of Death!

I know the whole promotion is primarily sponsored by American Express, andit seems devoid this year of but the barest of grassroots efforts, but the concept of Small Business Saturday still rings true.   After dealing with the capitalist overlords who open stores for Black Friday before your cranberries even reach your small intestine, it's nice to support those people who choose family over a few late night dollars.
If you have a local comic shop, game store, video game boutique, etc, stop in and buy something,even if it's the smallest thing.  That even goes for those of you who have local dumps pretending to be such stores, it's the holiday spirit, let's hope your purchase spurs a cycle of growth and development for them.  Hey, that philosophy works for political parties.

If you don't have a local store, shop online and shop direct.  Avoid the amazons, rpgnow, and drivethrurpg sites, go directly to the company website, spend $5 more for retail than save on shipping and order something from a company you love.

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