Friday, May 31, 2013

Late Night Musings

Last night, I did manage a very late night walk and a painting session!   The Samoans are coming along nicely, although the US Marines I'm using from Old Glory are a bit of a pain.  They have great action poses, which create many an impossible crevasse to reach with a paint brush.    And to complete my painting, I may need more South American Flesh paint from Foundry.  Anyone have any clue who here in the states carries it individually so I don't need to place another overseas order.   I'll have plenty of the Light and Dark Fleshes, just two or three bottles of the SA Flesh.

My background noise for both activities was the final hour hour of the ninth episode of Masks on Cthulhu on Parade.  My utter hatred of the new players waned a bit, although the one character revealed stats that would make a D&D character blush,   Still, the game ended on a cliffhanger, and a world of hurt was coming at the group.  I just hope the Keeper requires the SAN rolls for everyone at the start of the next session that he forgot at the end of this one.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Eventually, You Will Be Disappointed

It's a short and crazy week here at the Casa Del Viscount.  The lawnmower broke and I have a 96-minute window to repair it and cut the grass this week with my crazy family schedule.   My wife and I are practicing being old geezers with a different type of gaming, another bus trip to Atlantic City.  Between the food and slot comps, it ends up costing $10 apiece, and my wife got a voucher for $100 of free play in the mail that expires after this weekend.  If her hot streak continues, I may get get my entire want list ordered, or I can take advantage of my super secret info (which will be divulged... soon).

Or we can get a new lawnmower and fix the liner in the swimming pool.  Damn you practical things.

Three little things of note.

(1) Gnome Wars has reached the land of grunge and coffee!  A GW game was run at Enfilade in Washington State and a fabulous time was had by all.  Need to get up the gall to ask permission to steal a few photos I found.  I know I can just plop a few pics from GnomeCon here because our Stout Gnome Brian was cool with it before.

(2) Also, the Gnome Wars page I set up on Facebook has activity!  From the game at Enfilade no less!   Quick check everybody, what is on page 87 of your Gnome Wars 2.0 Rulebook?  I have the Gnoman Empire reference sheet, one of our newer gnome convert's copy has Russians. 

(3) Back when I was on my cruise, I started listening the Cthulhu on Parade podcasts of their Masks of Nyarlathotep game.  After eight episodes I was very satisfied with group, and I accepted the Keeper's style, which is much more bark than actual bite. 

While I was working off the remaining podcasts in 15-30 minutes intervals while walking the dog, I notice that episode nine was posted and one prominent name was missing from the cast of characters: everyone's favorite rapscallion, Tony West.  I have to admit that when I finally reached episode 8, I dreaded the demise of the character so much I skipped an entire section when I believed his ultimate demise would occur.  Thankfully, I was wrong, but Tony and his Scotch drinking, fast talking savoir-faire ways will be gone for awhile.

Episode nine has a full list of newer characters, as well as the two stalwarts (besides Tony), Ruby and Ulysses.  I was warned on the blog and in the comments that the session was chaotic.

I just call it god awful.

While I can deal with Ulysses normal stand-off-ishness, and Ruby's bi-polar behavior, the entire group acted like a chaotic evil D&D party and the Keeper is simply acquiescing to their demands.   I'm two hours into a three hour podcast and I'm feeling physical discomfort. Hell, I'm rooting for the cultists!

And if I ever encountered the player running Liam, the Professional Amateur Archeologist, I would leave the encounter, find a handgun by any means necessary, come back, and shoot him square in the face.    My tolerance levels for BS are awfully low this week, and he's tremendously annoying.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Skull and Crown: Wooden Wars: Kublacon Part 1

I've mentioned Wooden Wars from its Kickstarter and appearance at Cold Wars this year.  This post from their blog about their games at Kublacon epitomizes what family gaming is all about.  And it has a an Sherrif Rick impersonator playing.  I wonder if he aimed for headshots during the game.

Skull and Crown: Wooden Wars: Kublacon Part 1

I have to agree the "Seriously, not posed" picture is perfection.  I'd copy it over here, but given the original poster had so many kids playing AND asked their parents for permission, I'd rather just link to it, rather than disseminate kids photos on the internet.  I've seen my daughter Maja make that same face as the girl in the red dress.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Three Day Recap

Yeah, yeah, Happy Memorial Day and all that.  I am not going into BBQ overload  nor am I taking the time to go out of my way to attend some solemn ceremony.  To me it's simply a mandatory holiday off at work at a time where it's the last thing I need to get my projects done.  Christ, I haven't even gotten the flag out this year.    

Don't like it? Comment away, send me cooking products that are never on a bridal registry, I don't care.  

Actually, I didn't get the flag out until the week before Flag Day last year, so everything is normal.  

Saturday was a grand day, as I got my Foundry order from England, in addition to some cheap generic eBay minis. To justify the $8.00 international shipping for three pots of paint, I threw on a pack of WW1 British Naval Reserve Infantry.  
I don't know that they're historically accurate for Samoa, but I see them as extremely utilitarian troop type for any future Colonial escapade.

The South American flesh tone is such an odd shade I can see why other suggestions involved mixing three or four paints together.  Of course, I put base coats on about ten of my future Samoans until I realized I was painting with the South American <i>Light</i> used for highlighting.  Oh we'll, a few of them may have lived sheltered lives in Europe as children after the First Samoan Civil War. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Gnomes Invade England... Garden Shows, That Is

It's always great when your cousin drops a "this made me think of you" message via Facebook and its appropriate for this blog.

Garden Gnomes Invade English Garden Show

Now, I'm not going to get involved in such a hot topic issue as garden gnomes as classic flower shows, 

However, one of these benefits of such press is that celebrities painted up there own garden gnomes, and the figures were put up for auction for charity.  Early during the show, the Elton John painted gnome was fetching well over two thousands Pounds.

Hmm.... which one is Elton John's again.
Elton John appears to have become the patron saint or godfather of Garden Gnomes. Gnomeo & Juliet's soundtrack was entirely his music, he paints a mean garden gnome for charity, and he's forced a certain blogger to dress up in costume....

I remember when rock was young
I recently said I couldn't find one of my mini cases, holding three Swiss Gnome Units.  If I can't find that case in the near future, I vow to rebuild my forces and start with a unit entirely painted like Elton John's gnome.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dystopian Legions Cannons

I had made mention in yesterday's Apathy column that I was enamored with the Dystopian Legions 28mm artillery.  Now I hope you can see why.

I particularly love the Japanese rockets and German Tesla(?) weapon.  

My only concern was the $24 price tag, but considering Brigade Games' Heavy MG teams are $12 each, I can unfortunately see the doubling in price for the increase in hardware.

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Apathy of New Releases (June '13)

Ah, another month, another book of solicitations from the distributors to the retailers.   This month's solicitations are due mid-June, so they should be slated for Origins and GenCon releases.

Then why isn't there one big "OMG!" product amongst the bunch?    I mean, Mantic's Dreadball is releasing product like gangbusters, but that's after the Kickstarter did so well, so it's difficult to gauge product that's already presold to a large number of prospective clients.  Monte Cook's Numeneria RPG is slated for August, but that's crazy sales at GenCon, and a copy or two at the local store.    Heck, you might sell more copies of the Deadlands Noir book, and at least that has three products you can stock.

My Must-Have List:
Osprey: Imperial German Colonial and Overseas Troops  1885-1918 (Men at Arms #490)
This couldn't be more perfect for me, unless I wrote it myself.

My Money-is-No-Object List:
Atlas Games
Once Upon A Time 3rd Edition: Seafaring Tales    ATG 1033......$12.95
Adding pirates to your game could make your stories AAAAARRRRRRR-rated.

The Imaginary Store List (The Pegleg Gnome)
Bandai America
Power Rangers Ccg: Rise Of Heroes
Power Rangers Action Card Game: Rise of Heroes features a 90-card  set introduced in 40-card Theme Decks containing a Game Mat and a Game Manual offered in 8-count displays, as well as supplemental boosters packed in 15-count displays.
And you people thought Pokemon wouldn't die.  My four-year old daughter, Maja, told me last week that she wanted to be a Power Ranger for Halloween.  I believe this might do very, very well.

Battlecorps Anthology #4: PSI CAT35804.............................$14.95

Yay, Battletech fiction!

Battletech: Alpha Kit      PSI CAT35111.............................$24.99
Battletech: Strategic Kit  PSI CAT35108.............................$14.99
Battletech: Tech Kit        PSI CAT35106.............................$14.99
Let me get this straight?  Battletech, the game of my youth, that required us to find an ever-elusive photocopier to make copies of record sheets, but the charts for game play could fit on one sheet, now require three separate products.  What has happened? 

Shadowrun: Run Faster    PSI CAT27002.............................$49.99
Shadowrun: Sprawl Wilds PSI CAT27480.............................$24.99
Shadowrun: Stolen Souls  PSI CAT27200.............................$44.99

Exile Game Studios
Hollow Earth Expedition:  Perils Of The Surface World  S2P EGS1100..............................$19.99  

Fantasy Flight Games
Only War Rpg: Enemies  Of The Imperium                                         $39.95  
Star Wars X-wing Miniatures Game: X-wing  Starfield Game Tile Kit  $39.95
Forty bucks for tiles for a game played in space?  What fabulous designs do these things have that are better than a classic space game mat?  Oh yeah, they don't make FFG any money.  

Far Future Enterprises
Traveller 5 Core Rulebook                                                     $75.00              

After nine zillion versions and printings, who has any money left for another comprehensive rule book?

Frog God Games
Pathfinder:  Fane Of The Fallen                                               $32.99
Pathfinder: The Usual Suspects                                               $  9.99
Pathfinder: Razor Coast                                                          $99.99
Pathfinder: Strange Bedfellows                                                $21.99
I don't know if that $99.99 is a typo, but that 's a lot for a third party product for a game that has a lot of product released in its core line.

Gale Force Nine
Firefly: The Game                                                                                               $49.99  

Goodman Games
Dungeon Crawl Classics #78:  Fate’s Fell Hand                       $9.99  

Green Ronin
Mutants & Masterminds: Power Profiles                                                       $39.95  

Hamster Press
While I'm not too impressed by this company's Fairy Tale Assassin League,  this game has promise, just if it sells a copy or two off the shelf:  

Mongolian Goat Rodeo
Prepare for goat-grabbing, horse-riding insanity in Mongolian Goat Rodeo, a horse racing
card game based on the national sport of Afghanistan - Buzkashi! All you have to do is ride
a goat around a goal post and get back to the starting point. Of course, everyone else is
trying to take it away - in the most creative ways! Mongolian Goat Rodeo comes complete
with a 54-card deck packed with eight riding teams, a starting point, a goal post, and a
goat. Scheduled to ship in June 2013.
IMP HMS1104................................................................................................$14.99

Yu-gi-oh! Tcg: Battle Pack 2 - War Of The Giants
Yu-gi-oh! Tcg: Super Starter - V For Victory


Two listings in two months!  This time is just a solicitation for dice sets.  Sure, they're not the uber-fancy Chessex sets, but 7 and 10-piece sets for under five bucks!    Dice should be an impulse buy by the register, not a something that needs to be in a locked case because your customers need to drain their 401k to purchase them.
Mantic finally has solicited figures from its Dreadball Kickstarters solicited figures from its Dreadball Kickstarter campaign.  The teams look to be 8 figures for $25, with the Star MVP character running $8-11.  It looks like you'll be able to purchase individual components of the game, like an extra game board.  However, I'm confused why they have a basic version of the game, Kickoff, as well as a new supplement with even more teams, and the game just came out?  I'll chalk it up to poor planning, rather than money-grubbing.

Monte Cook
Numenera RPG  -  Core Book $59.99  Player's Guide  $19.99
I know some people love them some Monte Cook, but I'm frightened how much material is missing between the core book and player's.  Two-thirds?  Or more?

Open Design
Pathfinder: Midgard Tales                                              $39.99
Pathfinder: Trapsmith                                                     $19.99

Ronin - Skirmish Wargaming in the Age of the Samurai   $17.95
Should work great with those Zveda Samurai playsets awhile back.

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise Of The Runelords Base Set $59.99
Pathfinder Item Cards: Wrath Of The Righteous Adventure Path $10.99
Pathfinder Adventure Path: Wrath Of The Righteous Part 1 - The Worldwound Incursion $22.99
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise Of The Runelords Character Add-on Deck $19.99
Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Demons Revisited $19.99
Pathfinder Flip-mat: Basic Terrain Multi-pack $24.99
Pathfinder Map Pack: Evil Ruins $13.99
Pathfinder Module: Wardens Of The Reborn Forge $24.99
Pathfinder Player Companion: Demon Hunter’s Handbook $12.99
Pathfinder Rpg: Mythic Adventures $39.99
Pathfinder Tales: King Of Chaos $ 9.99

Spartan has another wave of product for Armoured Clash, Dystopian Wars, and Dystopian Legions.  Don't let me forget to cover the Dystopian Legion artillery in another post.  They do look cool.  The rest I put in the same category as Heavy Gear.  If it sells in the area, go the appropriate level of wild.

Studio 2 Publishing
Savage Worlds: Beasts & Barbarians - Jalizar City of Thieves                        $24.99
Savage Worlds: Deadlands Noir Core Rules                                                  $29.99
Savage Worlds: Deadlands Noir Companion                                                 $39.99
Savage Worlds: Deadlands Noir GM Screen                                                 $19.99
Savage Worlds: Deadlands Noir Maps  Bayou/Cemetary/Hotel/New Orleans/ Offices    $14.99 each.

Twilight Creations
Zombies!!! 12 - Zombie Zoo                          $24.95

Wizards of the Coast
Magic the Gathering - Theros
Magic the Gathering - Core Set 2014
Hoo-ray automatic revenue for the Summer months!  More revenue to try out new product!

Advanced D&D 1st Edition - Against the Slave Lords Hardcover                 $49.95
I'm torn on this one.  Like all the other books before it, I would love to have this on my shelf.  I also love the Slave Lord series, but I also don't know how I feel about the utility of the book.  Yes, it's just for show, but how many copies of the A1-4 megamodule are still floating around in good condition.  I'm not destroying a $50 hardcover to feel nostalgic, when I may be able to buy used copies on eBay, or even get the pdfs.  I have two perfectly usable copies of the Hackmaster version: Smackdon the Slavers to use on that epic day that the Burning Trogs get back together.

Marvel Heroclix: Fear Itself
Marvel Heroclix: Giant-Man
Pathfinder Battles: Skull and Shackles

Monday, May 20, 2013

Historicon 2013 PEL is Up!

After a long wait, the Historicon 2013 Preliminary Event List (PEL) is finally on the website: .

There are plenty of WW2, ACW, and Napoleonic games, but these are the ones that caught my eye. Call them the "Viscount Approved" games to try out.

T-316 Canal Flats Dig - The first skirmish in the War of Martian Succession, 1769
Seven Years War; 11 AM; Length: 3 hrs; Hosted by: Steve Braun; Scale:
; Rules: Savage Tales - Homebrew; No. of Players: 6.
A small British unit is protecting an archaeological dig near the Thoris canal. It’s Ben Franklin’s and the Martian Royalists’ first chance to strike against the meddlesome English. See the Loyal Americans in action against the vicious Canal Pirates. See who else shows up! Adult must be present with kids.

Skirmish level Martian wargaming?  My interest is piqued.  Throw in Age of Enlightenment inventions?  If I could be there on Thursday, I would be doing a Tonya Harding on the preregs to get a spot at the table.

T-472 Wargaming 101 - A Kids Game
WWII; 2 PM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Guy Gormley Jr.; Scale: 12mmRules:
Mein Panzer Jr.; No. of Players: 6.
Kids, it’s time to play a tank game like your Dad. German and American tanks from late in WW2 will be used. The game is designed for kids 8-14 that have a little understanding of wargames. Rules Taught. Beginners Welcome.

It's not the 54mm game I saw, but 12mm would allow some maneuvering and corrections, as not to make the new wargamers distraught.

T-501 Last Stand at Hamakari (German South-West Africa 1904)
Colonial; 7 PM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Roy Jones; Scale: 25mmRules:
The Sword and the Flame, modified; No. of Players: 6.
The Germans are making a last stand at the Hamakariwaterholes. Will the Hereros break through the German line of infantry, Maxims and artillery, overrun the HQ and wireless station and isolate the Germans from all help? Will the Witboi native infantry save their German allies? From the scenariobook “The Herero War”. More at

One day I will get to play in one of these.  Not too many troops, simple terrain, and every game I've managed to look at has been a tight battle.

F-307 Learn DBA 3.0
Medieval; 9 AM; Length: 3 hrs; Hosted by: Thomas Thomas; Scale:  25mm; Rules: DBA rules version 3.0; No. of Players: 20.

Learn to play the new DBA 3.0. Veteran DBAers Bob Beatie and Tom Thomas will be running continuous Demo games both matched pairs and Big Battle. Both newcomers to DBA and experienced players are welcome. Full rules will be taught with an emphasis on the new fast play aspects of 3.0. Armies and terrain will be provided and cover everything from the Hundred Years War to the battles of Westros. Walk ups welcome througout the session. Kid friendly with adult.

My first introduction to wargaming was a DBA Beginners tournament at Lehicon IV back in 1991.  This brings back the simple memories, where losing every game of a round robin tournament was okay because I was having way too much fun.

F-138 The Battle of Yangtsun, China 6 August 1900
Early 20th Century ; 10 AM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Tony Figlia;

Scale:15mm; Rules: Fire and Fury Regimental; Boxer’s Fury variant; No. of Players: 6.
The Peking Relief Expedition advanced very slowly toward their objective. After pushing past the Chinese at Peitsangthey encounter a stronger position at Yangtsun. The Chinese regular army, Bannermen and Boxers held the prepared position blocking further allied advance. The allies included US, British, Russian and Japanese forces moving on foot, horse and by train. Not recommended for kids.

Oooh I loves me some Peking Relief Expedition fun!  Just a hint for the uninitiated:  pick the Japanese and just go wild. It's worth the it.

F-278 Venezuelan Vengeance
Early 20th Century; 2 PM; Length: 6 hrs; Hosted by: Chris Carlson;
Scale: 1/2400; Rules: Fear God and Dread Nought; No. of Players: 12.

It’s 1913 and civil war again sweeps through Venezuela. Once more European debts are ignored and once more warships are sent to enforce payment demands. Only this time a College Professor is in the White House, not a Rough Rider. Will President Wilson enforce the Monroe Doctrine or will the Old World succeed in plundering the New World once more. Join the Admiralty Trilogy team as travel to the Caribbean for gunboat
diplomacy where everyone has a ‘plan B’ just in case.

F-452 Gnome Wars: Forage Frenzy
Fantasy; 2 PM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Brian Robinette; Scale: 28mmRules: Gnome Wars (Brigade Games); No. of Players: 10.

With the summer campaign season coming to a close, Kaiser Mast is gathering up his grain harvest for shipment to Wolfenbüttel. The Allies are bent on intercepting this all
important shipment and by so doing hamper the Jagermeister’s future war efforts.

Brian runs a fantastic game and it should not be missed.

F-304 Return of Wooden Wars
Napoleonic; 5 PM; Length: 1 hrs; Hosted by: Eulalia Wiltrout; Scale:
; Rules: Wooden Wars; No. of Players: 8.
Once again it is time to pack up the tables and get down on your hands and knees to play. Wooden Wars utilizes 80mm Wooden flats and rubber balls. Move your units and throw
rubber balls to knock down the enemy. This game is great for kids and parents. The objectives consist of small packets of cookies and/or crackers which get eaten by whoever can capture them. Extremely kid friendly.

Wooden Wars is back, a fitting new game for the 100th Anniversay of HG Wells' Little Wars.  Great for all ages.

F-319 Pointless Space Battle
SciFi; 5 PM; Length: 2 hrs; Hosted by: Terry Rooker; Scale: Other; Rules: 
Real Space modified
; No. of Players: 12

Come have fun while eating your hot dog. You can’t hurt the plastic ships! The plant people fight the insect people fight the humans plus who knows who else? No background universe so come and have fun blasting things. New ships can easily replace destroyed ones. If anyone is waiting they can just take the next ship. Kid Friendly Game!

C'mon, it's called Pointless Space Battle.  Most honest game title ever!

F-143 Seymour’s Folly
Colonial; 7 PM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Peter Dalton; Scale: 25mmRules:Bundok and Bayonet, Modified for Boxer Rebellion; No. of Players: 6.

British Vice-Admiral Edward Seymour has undertaken a relief expedition to alleviate the siege of Beijing. The convoy soon finds itself surrounded and attacked on all sides and is forced to retreat due to increasing casualties and diminishing supplies of food and ammunition. Will the caravan perish or will the great Hsiku come to the rescue?

Another Relief Expedition game?  Fantastic!

F-171 Gnome Wars: The Joust
Fantasy; 8 PM; Length: 2 hrs; Hosted by: Steven Stanton; Scale: 28mmRules: To Cry a Joust; No. of Players: 30.

Come and compete in the Gnome Wars Jousting Tournament! Rules will be taught and prizes given away. Double elimination - Quick, Easy, and Fun! No one under 14 without a playing adult.

The Joust.  Something everyone should add to their bucket list.   Too bad "crazylegs" won't be there to defend American honor... and bad dance moves.

S-459 Sikh and Destroy
Fantasy ; 9 AM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Eric Jacobson; Scale: 28mmRules: Gnome Wars; No. of Players: 8

The Sikhs are revolting! Bad hygiene aside, the Sikhs have seized control of a crucial trade city. How long can the foreigners last holed up in their embassies? Can the relief column even make a dent in the Sikh defenses?

S-114 Pigs in Greece: 5th Century BC
Ancients; 10 AM; Length: 3.5 hrs; Hosted by: Tod Kershner; Scale: 28mmRules: Pig Wars; No. of Players: 10.

The Persian host of the Great King is invading Greece. A hodgepodge mixture of hoplites stands in their way. As always the stray pig is available and ignitable. Easy skirmish style rules.  Adult must be present with child.

Pig Wars, a great game, mixed with Ancients.  I would love to see this.

S-385 HAWKs’ Army Giveaway for Kids
American Civil War ; 2 PM; Length: 2 hrs; Hosted by: Eric SchlegelScale: 54mm; Rules: Home Rules; No. of Players: 4.

In this third year of a multi-year outreach effort, the HAWKs are sponsoring a game to interest children in the hobby. Several gamers have donated figures to the HAWKs with the understanding that we will get them into the hands of kids. All four children who participate in this event will get a small, painted Yankee and Rebel army to take home. This year’s American Civil War project is based on the generous donation of 54mm figures from Randy Seybert. The club has been aided this year by the painting support and terrain of Chris Johnson.Note  : Children UNDER 10 only, I repeat UNDER 10 only!

A great promotion done by a great organization.

S-123 Battle of the Yellow Sea, August 10, 1904
Russo-Japanese War ; 2 PM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Bob Moon; Scale: 
1/1000 ; Rules: Battleship Diplomacy, modified; No. of Players: 10.
In 1897 the Russians secured a lease on Port Arthur with rights to connect it to the Trans-Siberian RR. Infuriated, the Japanese laid plans for revenge. By August 1904, the Japanese army was close enough to start shelling Port Arthur. Alarmed, the Czar   ordered Admiral Vitgeft to take his powerful Pacific Squadron and “break out” towards Vladisvostock. Admiral Togo’s Imperial fleet was waiting! So come on grab the wheel, load those 12 guns and see how your squadron fights! 37 Ships! Adults only please, 18+.

S-271 H. G. Wells Little Wars, 100th
Anniversary Game Hooks Farm
Early 20th Century; 2 PM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Robert BeattieScale:54mm; Rules: H. G. Wells Little Wars; No. of Players: 10.

It is the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the hobby.  Play the original game with 54mm lead figures and shooting cannons, building block scenery. Read the rules here: Children over 12 with parent.

A chance to play the classic battle with blocks?  Count me in!

S-298 LEGO Battle Road Rally
Other; 2 PM; Length: 2 hrs; Hosted by: M.S. Shuman; Scale: Other;  Rules:Home Rules; No. of Players: 8.

LEGO battling and building game for kids. All the LEGO universe will be there be ready to roll a lot of dice and have a lot fun. Players will be building their faction as the game goes.  This game is by Kids for Kids. No one over 14 allowed to play.  Parents are welcome though.

Another  great example of classic toys used for gaming.

S-460 Desert Breeze
Modern ; 2 PM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Michael Johns; Scale: 28mm;

Rules:; No. of Players:8.
Any player bringing a painted gnome unit from Brigade Games does not need to pre-register for this event. Kids Welcome with an Adult Executive Officer

Looks like a typo, but this might be played on the MBA Middle East table.

S-393 War Rocket
SciFi; 7 PM; Length: 2 hrs; Hosted by: Buck Surdu; Scale: 1/1200; Rules:
War Rocket; No. of Players: 6.
Various space factions battle among the stars for control of important communications satellites. This is a kids’ game. Older gamers welcome with a participating kid. The HAWKS will be hosting one table of shorter games for Kids all day Friday and Saturday. Come help us introduce your kid to the fun of miniature gaming! Older gamers welcome with a participating kid.

S-434 Mid-Night Massacre
American Civil War ; 10 PM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Scott Landis;  Scale:15 mm; Rules: Fire and Fury; No. of Players: 25.

Even a move to another state couldn’t keep us from bringing the late night classic back for “The Social Event at the Con”. The game will feature all of the “Madness” you have come to expect from the Rogues including the Georgia Courage Rule, 2 AM sing off, and usual taunting and abuse from the GM’s as players try to do something with their armies (we like to think of it as the Fog of War). Come to enjoy the fun and camaraderie of one
of the longest running events at Historicon. Pre-reg gets you an Elite Command. As always, 2 drink Minimum ;o) Children must be accompanied by Adult.

The quintessential Historicon event.  Everyone should play this game at least once.