Thursday, May 30, 2013

Eventually, You Will Be Disappointed

It's a short and crazy week here at the Casa Del Viscount.  The lawnmower broke and I have a 96-minute window to repair it and cut the grass this week with my crazy family schedule.   My wife and I are practicing being old geezers with a different type of gaming, another bus trip to Atlantic City.  Between the food and slot comps, it ends up costing $10 apiece, and my wife got a voucher for $100 of free play in the mail that expires after this weekend.  If her hot streak continues, I may get get my entire want list ordered, or I can take advantage of my super secret info (which will be divulged... soon).

Or we can get a new lawnmower and fix the liner in the swimming pool.  Damn you practical things.

Three little things of note.

(1) Gnome Wars has reached the land of grunge and coffee!  A GW game was run at Enfilade in Washington State and a fabulous time was had by all.  Need to get up the gall to ask permission to steal a few photos I found.  I know I can just plop a few pics from GnomeCon here because our Stout Gnome Brian was cool with it before.

(2) Also, the Gnome Wars page I set up on Facebook has activity!  From the game at Enfilade no less!   Quick check everybody, what is on page 87 of your Gnome Wars 2.0 Rulebook?  I have the Gnoman Empire reference sheet, one of our newer gnome convert's copy has Russians. 

(3) Back when I was on my cruise, I started listening the Cthulhu on Parade podcasts of their Masks of Nyarlathotep game.  After eight episodes I was very satisfied with group, and I accepted the Keeper's style, which is much more bark than actual bite. 

While I was working off the remaining podcasts in 15-30 minutes intervals while walking the dog, I notice that episode nine was posted and one prominent name was missing from the cast of characters: everyone's favorite rapscallion, Tony West.  I have to admit that when I finally reached episode 8, I dreaded the demise of the character so much I skipped an entire section when I believed his ultimate demise would occur.  Thankfully, I was wrong, but Tony and his Scotch drinking, fast talking savoir-faire ways will be gone for awhile.

Episode nine has a full list of newer characters, as well as the two stalwarts (besides Tony), Ruby and Ulysses.  I was warned on the blog and in the comments that the session was chaotic.

I just call it god awful.

While I can deal with Ulysses normal stand-off-ishness, and Ruby's bi-polar behavior, the entire group acted like a chaotic evil D&D party and the Keeper is simply acquiescing to their demands.   I'm two hours into a three hour podcast and I'm feeling physical discomfort. Hell, I'm rooting for the cultists!

And if I ever encountered the player running Liam, the Professional Amateur Archeologist, I would leave the encounter, find a handgun by any means necessary, come back, and shoot him square in the face.    My tolerance levels for BS are awfully low this week, and he's tremendously annoying.

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