Thursday, June 13, 2013

Countdown to Father's Day

Don't tell my wife, but I enjoy Father's Day.  Mainly because she's been working that Sunday for the last three years and I can play with the kids without any of the expected hub-bub of a holiday designed to sell ties and power tools.  I already got my rhubarb pie last weekend, any other gifts will be overblown.

While I'm desperately getting "grown-up" gaming time organized, I truly enjoy playing the fun games with the girls.  This weekend I have two games I'd like to run for them, if time and a lawn that looks like a grazing pasture allows.  Toys of all sort shall be used and no Fisher Price Little People shall be safe!

I'm not telling what they are, but two hints.  One is an homage to the hobby... the other is an homage to a classic 50's movie.  Both shall be excellent, no matter how many dice the kids lose.

Or I could set up a kitty MMA Ring:

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