Thursday, June 6, 2013

(Historicon) Catastrophe Averted!

It is with great regret and deep sadness to say I won't be attending Historicon in July.  My sister has decided to rearrange her wedding and festivities to that weekend... in Boston. 

That being said, I scurried around in a panic, but luckily my event:
S-459 Sikh and Destroy
Fantasy ; 9 AM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Eric Jacobson; Scale: 28mm; Rules: Gnome Wars; No. of Players: 8

...will now be hosted by the unusually effervescent Mike Lung on the MBA Middle East board.   Mike has a few changes to the scenario, but I predict a fantatic time for all who are willing to wake up that early, and hopefully this will convince Mike to run one of his one crazy scenarios for Fall-in!

As a token apology for rescheduling my life (I've also had to pull out of attending my buddy Hoyce's wedding the previous weekend... also in Boston), my sister found cheaper and closer hotels for the familia as well as a list of things to do with the kiddos that aren't in Boston proper.  The high point of her list is finding a gaming store is right next to where the reception will be held! 

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