Wednesday, June 5, 2013

(Podcast Review) The Crook'd and Crack'd Manse

I've made mention numerous times my forays into RPG podcasts, most notably Cthulhu on Parade.  I did manage to finish the nine episodes they've posted of Masks thus far, and moved into their other sessions, in particular a special "celebrity" one-shot of The Crook'd and Crack'd Manse.

I had complained that the last episode I heard  (Masks #9) was a horrible orgy of bad role playing.  Manse's attitude was completely different.  While the group's core relationship was predicated on being hired to investigate the mansion (save the "childhood friend"), they mixed in a proper amount of bickering and even the right amount of sadness and hope as they tried to save themselves from the big bad evil.  The fun fact is that outside the Keeper (Will) and the first casualty (The Other Will), the other players are special guests and have marginal Cthulhu experience, at least from what I could gather.

There were some inside jokes, and we all go overboard on some facet of the game, whether it's doors or ice cream shops, but the group stayed on target, dealt with the horrors man was not meant to know, and some went down swinging.

If someone needed a audio example of what a Call of Cthulhu game is, I wouldn't hesitate using this episode. 

For my own players, please feel free to listen and enjoy.  With all the loose ends I need to wrap up in our game, I can't think of an opportunity I'll get to run it, and that goes for the rest of the scenarios in Mansions of Madness as well.

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  1. Oh hey, thank you so much! That session is pretty much the best we've ever had, so, yeah. I have another one-shot to edit and upload that I'm less sure on, and the Masks games... Well, the next one's -supposed- to be edited by the other Will but we'll see if that gets done any time soon, I'll ask next time I see him. Mansions of Madness is a great book.